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Trugs® is a phonics based reading resource for school and home. Trugs is a fun way to support those learning to read.

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Getting Started with Trugs Preparing Yourself for September Webinar
Arran and Lucy will be having a conversation about getting started with Trugs, they will be looking at how Box One can support you in school, but also having a look at how Home Box One can support you at home.
Live on Monday 27th June at 3:30pm

Trugs for Schools

Trugs for Home

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Trugs Stage 0

Schools Starter Bundle

includes trugs for Schools Box 1, trugs PICS 1 and Trugs Check 1 + PDF Certificates

£169+ Postage

School Box 1 504 cards phonics reading resource with 4 games Get it, Match it, Take it and Use it.

Trugs Check 1 checking student’s decoding skills using a 72 card game called Beat it, relating to the 5 trugs stages in box 1.

trugs PICS: Card games to inspire reading fluency and vocabulary. 4 decks of 36 cards totalling 144 cards.

At Home with

A 15% discount on getting started with Trugs at
Home Box 1.

Was £54  Now £45 + Postage

trugs at Home Box 1 Ideal for parents, trugs is a high quality synthetic phonics reading resource that is based on traditional card games, so you can help your child through the process of learning to read.

Play one of the 3 Games Get it, Match it , Take it  at each of the 5 stages in box 1. Reinforcing, practising and consolidating reading in a fun and competitive way.


The Bundle combines all trugs synthetic phonics resources, to support many students with literacy difficulties.

£495 + Postage

The trugs Intervention Bundle combines all trugs resources with the tracking and evaluation which is important for progress.  The training supports the lead teacher and ensures that all staff understand the resource and can use it to support their teaching by taking ownership and responsibility of the intervention.

Includes all School boxes , PICS, Check, Tricky Words, Stage 0 and certificates and training.

Featured Products

Trugs for Schools

A structured 15 stage phonics intervention programme for all age students to learn to read by having fun.

  • Get it, Match it and Take it card games enable students and children to practise, reinforce and consolidate reading.
  • Use it card game develops sentence construction and increases vocabulary knowledge.
  • Explanation Card explains what each Stage is and how to teach that stage

Trugs at home

Support your children at home with playing and having fun with card games. supporting all those with literacy differences. creating mastery in learning through fun and decodable games.

  • Help your children learn to read by laughing and playing and having fun.
  • Card games, Guess it, Match it and Take it at each stage makes reading practise easy and fun
  • The Clue card explains what each Stage is.
  • That’s all that’s needed because the structure has been put together by a dyslexia specialist